Okay, so lately I’ve been getting a fair amount of Anon hate focusing on my looks an appearance, so I’m just going to say this once and get it out of the way. I’m pudgy, chubby, fat, however you want to say it. I myself am quite aware of this, and as of recently have also become quite comfortable with it to be honest. When people call me fat, or comment on my appearance, I now say “fuck you, I’m beautiful” rather than crying. I’m not hurt by appearance comments, and I honestly just let them fly right over my head without a thought. I KNOW I am still beautiful, and I’m going to be embracing the way I look a lot more now, and if that bothers you go ahead and unfollow me. I just wanted to put out there that I KNOW I’m not the traditional skinny alternative girl, I know I don’t have a model figure, and I’m quite happy with that. So say what you want, I’m fat and beautiful and if you don’t agree you can fuck right off.

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